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A data-native mindset is key to driving disruption.

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Data Affinity is a rapidly growing Data Analysis and Excel Consulting firm. With an undying love for Data, and the clarity it brings to businesses, we strive to create solutions that let Small and Medium Businesses function, and grow like big corporations. Our tailor made solutions have helped our clients across multiple industries, to realise the true potential of their data. Our past results and experiences have let us develop enough confidence on our work, that we never charge any up front payments for the projects we undertake. Our vision is

  • To create a symbiotic growth environment between our clients and ourselves.
  • To always keep commitments.
  • To always be fair in all business transactions and practices.
  • To deliver real value with our services.

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If you are looking for an opportunity to work in a dynamic and competitive organisation, and have an undying love for data, Data Affinity is looking for you. Send your resumes to manu.jain@data-affinity.com